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REPAC will help its members address racial and socioeconomic disparities often found in the reentry arena through tried and tested methods by a team familiar with the legal system. We hope to provide a platform that can support individuals that are facing a vast and oftentimes daunting legal system.

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We aim to advocate on behalf of organizations who provide support, assistance, and resources in helping returning citizens acquire the necessary means to sustain a lifestyle that will not lead back to incarceration, including job acquisition, transportation, childcare, education, and housing. We are a united and strong voice to advance fair and responsible laws and further equitable policies, budgets and practices enabling reentry providers to build capacity and sustain their mission.


Our vision is to support, advocate and unite re-entry provider organizations fostering their success and helping to overcome the obstacles and positively effectuate change for those impacted by the criminal justice system in California.


With our united and strong voices, we can advance fair and responsible laws and further equitable policies, budgets, practices enabling reentry provides to build capacity and sustain their mission.

Together, we will:

    • Identify and address gaps and barriers to successful re-entry in the State through an examination of state laws, regulations, budgets, and administrative policies.
    • The Association will proactively engage in direct lobbying of the California legislature, Governor’s office, relevant state agencies and campaigns to further the policy agenda.
    • Strengthen the State network of resources and service providers.
    • Serve as a common voice in California on behalf of re-entry providers for the public, media and policymakers about the importance of supporting reentry efforts.
    • Hold events and conduct research to further support these objectives such as collaboration, best practices, education of the public and policymakers, and strengthening legislative and policy agendas.
    • Potential contributors will be identified and solicited to provide funding.

How we will impact change together.

Together we are better!

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Grassroots Mobilization

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Political and Policy Advocacy

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Education and Coalition Building

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